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A few examples of Guerrilla Marketing

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Big update on my online life

The past few week’s I’ve recently finished a large contract (, so I’ve decided to knuckle down and get into the swing of working from home. Firstly I’ve got 3 major designing contracts coming up which will be based from home, 2 of them part time and the other will just be odds and sods. 2 of them will be based in London, so for the first month or so of the contracts i will be commuting into the capital on a regular basis.

New domain’s + websites

I’ve recently registered Don’t ask me why this domain popped into my head. Its first use was to be a domain to hold a free ‘post 2 host’ web service, since getting bored of waiting for my forum to populate I’ve decided to just turn it into a premium host. But what if i can only make $500.00 per month from this host but it’s using up my time as a full time job would ? Well it would just purely be a waste of time.  My plan ?.. To build multiple webhosting websites over the next few months and basicly times my business by how many site’s i have. For example, i have 5 websites generating 500 beer tokens a month, 500 x 5 = 2.5k, nice start!

The next project is more of affiliate marketing/residual income plan, following the number 1 way to make money online I’ve decided to follow there example and I’ve registered I’ve built the website, created most of the content. Now i need to code the site in xhtml/css, put it live and do some hard core marketing!. I’ll let you know how this 1 goes.

Now onto what i could imagine to be my baby! I always remember wanting to buy this domain from a friend of mine. I checked to see if a few domains were reg’d and this was 1 that wasn’t so i snapped it up! I’ve got big plans for this baby but there all secret untill i launch the site!

I will also get my portfolio up soon so you guys know what i do!

Long time!

I’ve not posted on this blog since 2005! 4 years later let’s get this shit going again!

BravoTeam HL2 Warfair Mod

Just reg’d 1 domain, and finalized a deal for another.. 2 Great domains that hopfully hold for a great future..


Bravo Team
A Modern Warfare HL2 Modification
In Bravo Team your mind is your weapon. You must organize and strategize your plan of attack or defense in order to achieve success. Your team is your only chance for survival. As a team you must defend, assassinate or take over enemy establishments. Equipped with today’s modern firepower and vehicles you will get the job done in hostile situations.

Bravo Team Mod strives for realism. With the Source engine we are able to achieve that. We want to create the total experience of being a part of the US Special Forces, and the Terrorist Rebels.

There are 3 different game types. Takeover, Assassination and Retrieval. Each game type means almost a completely different game. In Takeover, one minute after death the players are spawned again to the designated spawn point that they choose. This means faster game play and more game time. You won’t be waiting for the round to end. The maps are really large. There will be a lot of space to try a different approach each time you try to complete a mission. Vehicles will be provided for transportation.

In Takeover, the Bravo Team is deployed away from the enemy’s base. There are two points, point A and point B that will be indicated on your map. Bravo Team must take over the two points in order to win. The Rebel Forces are defending these points; they will win once the round timer hits 0:00.

In Assassination, Bravo Team must eliminate the leader of the Rebel Forces. The Rebels will be deployed in a large mansion. The Rebels leader will be an assigned player, in other words, the VIP. As a Rebel you will defend from the Bravo Team’s attempt to assassinate the VIP. Bravo Team wins if they have successfully assassinated the VIP. Rebels win if they have neutralized Bravo Team. Rounds are set to 5 minutes, and once you are dead you cannot respawn.

In Retrieval, Bravo Team is delivering a really important CARGO. The Rebels want it. As a Rebel you will have to approach Bravo Teams position and take possession of the CARGO. As Bravo Team your mission is to defend the Cargo until all of the Rebel forces have been eliminated.

As it’s been already mentioned, the maps will be really large. Sometimes Bravo Team will have to use a vehicle to get to their destination, sometimes get there by boat to a remote Island to assassinate a leader. There is a lot of space for a lot of possibilities. Maps will be based on Jungle, Desert Arctic or Urban Warfare.

The equipment is the standard US. Special Forces issued weapons load-out. We will include other special equipment, such as an aqualung. You can use it to approach a target underwater from a far distance. There will be other equipment, but we don’t want to spoil everything.

The movement will be similar to Rainbow Six 3. You can walk, run, and crawl. You can sit or lay down. You can walk and shoot, walking will give you moderate accuracy, and you cannot shoot while you are running or crawling. The weapon is held in front of you, but you cannot use it until you have stopped moving. Positioning yourself in the sitting or prune position will give you the best accuracy. We will include angle controls for looking around corners. You can also operate vehicles in the game; the movement is the same as it is in Half Life 2.

All this information and a lot more in detail can be seen on our web site, once it is completed. (

Thank you for reading about Bravo Team! If you are interested in joining our team and helping out in the development of this MOD. Please email me []

[NOTE: The ideas may change since this project is still on the drawing board.] – My New Project!

Ive started to sell advertisment space and we’ve already got quite a few hits for being open for 5 days.. Ive decided its up to me to develope this by my self.. So i will be writing a few articles on PageRank and offering a few more free services, such as a directory to submitt your site, and pagerank buttons to show what PR you have..

More news soon


Mac email address

Any one got a mac email addie ?
You can get 1 for a 60 day trial… Ive only got 1 because gmail is playing up.. and i recomend mac to every body..




Finaly, the project is up and running.. I dont think theres any bugs.. But if there are then just tell me please.. Thanks
Page Rank Pimp.. Check Your Page Rank..


Peter Avey